Preparing for my first show

A few months ago I started working out of a space in the Aways North Art Studios in Albuquerque.

It’s a relaxing place run by a lovely artist. In addition to a studio where I can work, I have access to a gallery space. In a couple of weeks I will participate in my first ever show. Until then I’m learning all I can from the more experienced artists around me and making sure that my work is ready for the public eye. Here is a sampling of what I’ll be showing.

Mixed media on cradle board 12 x 12″

Online Class

I love art classes. Because I don’t have any formal education in art beyond a couple classes in junior high and high school, I eagerly learn from other artists. This evening I took a class online from Tiare Smith ( through the Art is Magic Retreat. I had to improvise on a couple supplies, but ended up with this 7.5 x 11 inch watercolor (mostly) painting.

Book Phase

I seem to be going through a book phase. Part of it stems from my love for the store in Albuquerque called Creative Culture. They carry a gorgeous selection of Nepalese paper, among other cards and gift items. *Edit – Creative Culture is now closed and sorely missed.*

These books were created from a kit. They are Tibetan style books put together with a pamphlet stitch.

A Book That’s as Pretty as a Postcard


I made this little book in a class taught by Mita Saldana (you can see her work at It’s a concertina-type book with pages inside folded to hold postcards. The paper with the bird on the front and the feather design paper inside are some of my favorites, in spite of the fact that I rarely use the pink and brown color combo in other works. Maybe that’s why I like the book. It’s different from anything else I’ve done.